Training and Development

Good leaders are those who never stop learning. At Solid Tech Solutions, employees are trained to be those leaders and bring about a transformation to the organization and impact. Our training and development program gives flight to the next generation of high-performers and equips them with meaningful skills to drive change and solve complex problems.

Employees at Solid Tech Solutions are trained to embrace change and lead by example through sound judgment, competence, and high character. Our training program embodies all of these characteristics through one-to-one mentoring, group exercises, and incentive-based tests.

Learning at Solid Tech Solutions

People are our greatest assets. To create and sustain an environment where the best talent in the world can be retained, we strive to inculcate a learning-oriented culture where employees get to hone their skills and be rewarded for practicing their learnings. We use the following steps to ensure that our training is in line with the rapidly-changing industry and mutually beneficial for both the employee and the organization.

1. Setting benchmarks against the competition. Companies cannot operate in silos and have to deliver the industry standard to thrive.
2. Surveying the employees and letting them know what is needed from them
3. Aligning the training with operational goals of the organization for better performance, productivity and higher employee satisfaction.

Training and Development