Benefits for Contract Employees

Our placement process is focused on finding the perfect match between candidates and companies. Our recruiters are trained to evaluate your credentials and career aspirations to identify a job that is perfect for you.

The Process

Apply or Submit Resume

Step 1

Browse jobs and submit a resume. If you’re already part of the Solid Tech Solutions, just email us about the jobs you want.

Get In Contact

Step 2

We will screen your related work experience and then we’ll help prep you for interviews and get you ready to land the job.

In Person Experience

Step 3

We won’t rest until we find the perfect match for you. Final interview will be held to understand you better as a candidate.

Notifications On Match

Step 4

Once we find a position that matches your employment goals, you will be notified.

Connect With Employer

Step 5

When you get the job, we’ll walk you through everything that you need to know. Now that you’re part of the family, we’ll always have your back. This is just the beginning.

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Placement Process