A Culture of Empowerment

One of the values we pride ourselves on is our ability to provide the team with space and discretion. While integrity is a cornerstone of our work, we believe in giving every individual the necessary tools to excel within our organization. This empowerment culture is why we have a team of passionate professionals who find the organization’s values and strive to be efficient. Solid Tech helps to create a culture that fuels growth and propels the business. We believe in putting your people first, the power of shared values, and setting forth a vision your entire organization can get behind. We believe great culture can change the world and help us live more fulfilled lives. We believe this because we’ve experienced it ourselves.

We work interdependently in open yet collaborative spaces to achieve collective success and push the envelope in productivity. Although we set goals to measure performance, independence sends a message of being trusted to our employees. Fostering a positive work environment is primarily based on providing support – a value we never fail to practice.

Solid Tech Solutions Put their Employees First – Always!

Putting employees first is a vital ingredient of success. Employees feel motivated to do their best if they think they are supported. As a company involved in people’s business, we recognize the importance of making them feel at ease. We have actively cultivated a culture where relationships extend beyond the work environment, and employees feel valued. That’s why our Directors and Account Managers are always available for support. In addition, we regularly arrange activities such as game nights and trips to boost morale and bonding among the team.

Enhancing Virtual Culture During Covid-19

As we navigate through the impact of Covid-19, we have the opportunity to grow together and come through this crisis stronger than ever. Solidtech Solution offers two immersive experiences that will positively impact your business results and, more importantly, in these challenging times, will help bring your people together.

Solid Tech Virtual Retreat

A virtual retreat that will strengthen your connection to your team/groups in the era of working virtually. We are dedicated to helping people and organizations to connect and thrive — not just survive — through this unprecedented time.

Enhancement of Virtual Culture

Not only is this designed to foster higher engagement and better business results, but more importantly, we hope this process brings people together in a way that enriches their lives and leads them to feel happier and more fulfilled. This is for teams, groups, or organizations looking to create actionable change and performance growth throughout the uncertainty and rapidly evolving conditions of our world today.

Solid Tech Leading with Purpose

Our workforce builds, operates, and transforms methodology to help clients to scale up their workforce while mitigating growing pains and operational risk. Solid Tech Solutions enables enterprise business capabilities faster with lower capital investment than evolving those capabilities internally.

Culture at Solid Tech Solutions