Solid Tech Solutions is a staffing company dedicated to empowering individuals. We relentlessly pursue opportunities for others because anything is possible when we all work together.

We are a staffing and recruiting company specializing in job placements and providing comprehensive solutions for those looking for qualified resources. We’re a company that cares for others. It might sound lofty, but it’s the idea that gets us up every day, determined to make it true. As a business focused on identifying appropriate talent and eliminating the administrative work companies have to put into searching for ideal candidates, we aim to be an end to end hiring solution provider.


Ethics Assistance


Our vision to be the leading partner that clients and candidates always choose to connect with.
We drive opportunities, grow businesses, and better the communities we call home. What we do affects the lives of thousands of people and can make a huge difference in our communities. It’s not often that you can work in an industry where you can directly see how you’re helping people. We consider it a privilege to be trusted by our candidates to guide them on their careers and by our clients to find their teammates.


We strive to deliver what we promise, first time every time! Why we do and what we do is all about supporting people’s careers, helping our local businesses grow and prosper, and making the places we call home even better through investment and philanthropy. Whether we are providing training and job opportunities for our candidates or innovative HR solutions to our clients, our consistent, quality service depends on our people. Everyone at Solid Tech is guided and inspired by our mission, vision and values.


We are passionate and love what we do.

Respect & Integrity
We treat each other, our clients and candidates with mutual respect and sensitivity. We adopt the highest ethical standards of our industry, and operate with candidates and clients with transparency and trust.

Community & Collaboration
We support our non profit clients and charitable organization’s through our work. We work as a team. We share knowledge, experience and leverage continuous improvement for learning.


We run local businesses that impact the diverse places we call home. Our placements enrich the lives of our job seekers and strengthen the businesses in our communities. Our stories and experiences reflect those we serve every day and when we are successful together, our investments flow back into the neighborhoods where we live and work. The power of Solid Tech is in our local roots.