Recruiting and Client Services Role

Most of Solid Tech Solutions’ roles comprise recruiters and client service positions. Candidates who work well in teams yet strive for excellence are best suited to these roles. If you’re a people person and have a knack for maintaining relationships, then you are the perfect fit. We are typically looking for someone who has a four-year college degree and plans to work long-term in the industry. We put in a lot of effort to develop and retain talent; therefore, those joining us must have a passion for maintaining lasting business partnerships.

Recruiter Role

The recruiter role is the foundation of your career at Solid Tech Solutions and is the center of our operations. When you start with the role, you must learn all the ropes before being promoted to the Client Services Manager’s role. The role combines sales and relationship building. As an intermediary between organizations and individuals seeking a career, using initiative and reading people are skills you must learn. You should also be able to source suitable candidates and work with them using the client’s opportunities.

Your primary responsibilities will include;

  • Finding talent and holding interviews with them to check if they are the right match for your client.
  • Recruiters must exhibit independent judgment and negotiate salaries to make the relationship work on both ends.

During your tenure as a recruiter, you will be working directly under a Client Services Manager who will help you grow personally and professionally through one-to-one training and mentoring.

Client Services Role

The Client Service Managers are responsible for developing the recruiters internally and building relationships with the hiring and key decision-makers at the client end. Their work is more strategic than hands-on, and they are responsible for understanding the needs of the organization they’re working with. The Client Service Manager is critical to the organization since they are a liaison between external and internal teams.

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