Employment Verification

Employment verification confirms a person’s past or current job status. Employers often need to request verification for job candidates or reply to requests from employers, lenders, landlords, the federal government, and others.

Employer’s verification of employment history to confirm the information provided by a candidate is accurate and true; the work experience is sufficient to meet the position’s requirements; and past titles, achievements, or responsibilities are valid. Solid Tech Solutions employment verification helps employees to provide accurate information to employers. Employment verification help;

• Hire qualified candidates more quickly
• Confirm candidate’s employment history is accurate
• Confirm candidate has the skills and experience required
• Mitigate the risk of hiring a candidate with false credentials

We aim to match talented technology professionals with the right roles in small to corporate companies. Solid Tech Solutions is a specialist recruitment consultancy. Our first approach to making the right pairing is to deeply understand the candidates we represent, the companies we serve, and the reality of the roles we are responsible for to see the right fit.

Secondly, we offer innovative solutions to ensure our clients are prepared to compete for the best talent in the technology industry, which is a challenge for many employers in this competitive hiring climate. At Solid Tech Solutions, we take a unique approach to this challenge which our technology clients prefer.

For Employment Verifications, please contact us at hr@solidtechsolutions.us or call us at (347) 201-1568.

Employment Verification